room tour 2016 | older post

room tour 2016 | older post

โœง๏ฝฅ๏พŸ*โ‚Šหš disclaimer: this post contains content from may 2017 and older, which was a period when i didnโ€™t know how to properly write โ€” prepare for possible incorrect information, odd formatting, and cringeworthy writing. :;(โˆฉยด๏น`โˆฉ);: ( this is me trying to do a written version of a youtube-style room tour, with no video clips … or photos … i have no idea why i did this oops โ€” )

Hi! It’s me, Alexi! * Freddy from FNAF reference * And today, I am going to be doing… *overly dramatic drumroll * A ROOM TOUR!

Well not really, but yeah. So without further due, LET’S GET STARTED! Okay so the entrance to my room is a light green door. When you open it, to your left is a peach wall with a painting on it and to your right is… A HOMEMADE SIGN! * le gasp *

Okay. So there are two tables: One white high table that is rectangle shaped (I think) and a huge, round green table that takes up about half a quarter of my small room. On the white table is where I keep all my pens and pencils and stuff, and the other table is where I do my homework and crafts with mom.

Next to my huge green table, is my bed. It has two small pillows and one huge, U-shaped white gigantic one that takes up LITERALLY the entire bed. The two small pillows have stripy rainbow pillowcases.

I also have two HUGE (I’m not exaggerating) shelves and one small shelf. The two huge shelves are where I keep all of my books and toys. The small shelf is where my TV and DVD player are.

If you were wondering what the Homemade Sign was on, it was the side of my ceiling-length brown closet. It has quite a lot of old stickers from my early childhood on it. Next to my bed is my air conditioner and windows. The windows have long, blue and white stripy curtains.

One last thing before my iPad mini dies: (yes, I’m typing this while it is like 8%) There are lots of notes around the room which say French words. This is because I speak French and I have a tutor, so I figured sticking words around the room to their corresponding English objects would help me learn French.

YET ANOTHER LAST MINUTE NOTE: I also have another green door connected to my room which leads to my bathroom.

Did you guys like this post? What post should I do next? Comment down below. BYE! ~ Alexi