what to do during the summer | older post ๐Ÿ“

what to do during the summer | older post ๐Ÿ“

โœง๏ฝฅ๏พŸ*โ‚Šหš disclaimer: this post contains content from may 2017 and older, which was a period when i didnโ€™t know how to properly write โ€” prepare for possible incorrect information, odd formatting, and cringeworthy writing. :;(โˆฉยด๏น`โˆฉ);:

Hello guys! Sorry for not posting in a long time. School just ended for me! I really donut (DONUT? Whoops sorry lol I’m hungry) DO NOT want to waste any time so let’s just get right into da post! (I ALMOST SAID VIDEO LOL)

1. Travel. Obviously, you are not just gonna stay at home all summer, are you? So if you are gonna travel you need to pack. Here are some tips!

– If you don’t need space and are concerned about the weight fold your clothes.           – If you don’t care about the weight and need space roll your clothes!                                 -Put fragile items inside shoes…. Or better yet, save youself the trouble and DON’T BRING ANY. -Put heavier items at the bottom.

2. TRY SOMETHING NEW. As cheesy as it sounds, do it. Maybe you’ll become a paintball master! (Or maybe not…)

3. Start blogging! Or vlogging! OR MAYBE EVEN BOTH! (If you are a child, ASK PERMISSION FROM YOUR PARENTS OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Jk but still!)

4. Try to earn money! Set up a lemonade stand or garage sale! Who knows, maybe you’ll get enough to buy an iPhone 7 Plus. (In my country, it’s like 56,990 pesos.)

5.MOVE TO ALASKA! No seriously, if you are old enough and still live in your parents house you could move! Well not literally move as in movement but- you know what I mean.

6. Get a part time job! Lol maybe you should ask your parents about it first. (If you are old enough.)

7. ADOPT A PET! If your parents allow you and you are ready for the “responsibilities” you could get a hampster, a bird, a cat, a dog…

8. Clean your room. Well we know, it IS summer but at some point you ARE gonna have to clean your room.

Sorry this is short but I don’t have any more time and the internet is really sluggish but thanks for reading! I will update next Sunday! Buh bye!!!!