what’s on my ipad pro + essential apps i can’t live without ðŸ•Š

what’s on my ipad pro + essential apps i can’t live without ðŸ•Š

ଘ(à©­*ˊᵕˋ)à©­* ̀ˋ hi guys! it’s me, alexi / alex! welcome back to yet another blog post, and welcome if you’re new! today in this short post, we’ll be talking about without what’s on my ipad pro! further ado, let’s get on with the post! (。・ω・。) âœ§ï½¥ï¾Ÿ*₊˚

ᕕ( á› )ᕗ 

✧・゚*₊˚ my ipad is the space-grey 11” ipad pro 2018, a christmas present from my parents, which i use for art and schoolwork. i use it alongside the apple pencil! here’s my ipad home screen: 

i kept it as neat as i could! ( ˘∀˘ )

for the dock, i put all of the apps except for safari into one folder named “apps.🌷”, and put the folder and safari onto it! i did the same with my other ipad, which is the one i use for games. ( ^ω^ )

✧・゚*₊˚ also, the wallpaper is a very simple pink and grey wallpaper, and i found it from a korean youtuber named ella. it was originally for phones, but i rotated it so that it would fit my ipad, and edited it a bit! if you’d like to use the wallpaper, you can find it here! (*’ω’*)

✧・゚*₊˚  here’s a small collage i did of the “apps” folder, just showing you what’s inside:

i made this collage with procreate! (^∇^)

✧・゚*₊˚ i kept basically all the stock apps that already came preinstalled with my ipad, and only downloaded a handful apps — i wanted more space for artwork and not for apps  Â¯\_( ˘ω˘ )_/¯

all of the apps i did download are my favorites, and i use most of them them almost everyday; they’re essential apps i can’t live without! all of them are free, except for procreate. i’ll list them here: 

✧・゚*₊˚ one: autodesk sketchbook! this is a really great free drawing app with lots of features. there’s no in-app purchases and it’s a really great app — there’s even an option where you can access copic colors! i used this until i got my other drawing app, procreate.


✧・゚*₊ two: paper by wetransfer! this is also a really great free drawing app, and i use this much more often than i use autodesk sketchbook. it’s really minimalistic, which i love. 

it also has a “paper store”, where you can buy journals like tutorials, planners, art challenges and exercises, etc. while some of them are free, most of them are paid. to pay, you need credits, which you can only purchase with real money . ( ´∀`)

i rlly love this app because of it’s “journal” format, which you can change if desired. multiple tools are available, along with a wide color palette, and you can even add text notes and pictures! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


( though the app is free, a subscription called “paper pro” is available — this lets you unlock pro tools. i personally don’t use paper pro. )

✧・゚*₊ three: procreate! this is my most favorite app out of all of them — it’s specially made just for the ipad pro! it has literally hundreds of beautiful brushes — and in case you’re not happy with those, you can design your own in procreate brush studio, import custom procreate brushes from the internet, and even import adobe® photoshop® brushes! you can even animate! Ù©( ‘ω’ )و


✧・゚*₊˚ four: clips! clips is an amazing video editor by apple. they have the cutest posters and stickers ( some of them are even from pixar and disney !!!), live title captions that automatically generate as you speak, creative filters, multiple 360° environments named “selfie scenes”, and even animoji / memoji if your device is compatible! they even have catchy music, and you can also import your own songs from garageband.

the only downside is that you can only make videos in square format, not in landscape or portrait. :;(∩´﹏`∩);:


ଘ(à©­*ˊᵕˋ)à©­* ̀ˋ and that’s it for this blog post! sorry that it’s a bit short, i’ll have another post coming up later to make up for the lack of content yesterday. if you haven’t done so already and would like to see more posts like this, follow this blog via email using the widget available, or via your wordpress account!have a nice day/night, don’t forget to wash your hands, and bye! ðŸŒ·

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